Small Farm Big Heart

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I remember the first time we visited our organic farm to see their produces. The farmers were so nice, so simple, very warm welcome and were happy we were interested in their vegetables.

We told them that we want to support small farmers. When we got the first order in, it was 370 baht.

I was very apologizing and was promising them to bring more sales. They only told me:

....It’s OK. We grow together..... In this situation, we would like to thank all the farms for extra driving to cooling chain when van doesn’t operate, for going down the hill to send the vegetable, for finding the way with us. Most of all, we thank you for every order and for supporting us and the farmers. Photo credit: PGS farm in Cholburi who supplies our organic rice. #strongertogether #organicfarming #organicvegetables #homedelivery #socialdistancing #farmtasticshop #supportsmallfarms

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