January organic set

Updated: Jan 13

Value set 499 (Add to Cart)

- Mixed salad 150g (3-4 salad trees)

- Mixed Kale 100g (Lacinato and curly kale)

- Wild Rocket 100g

- Watercress 100g

- Cucumber 200g

- Tomatoes 200g

- 6 organic chicken eggs

Superfood set 475 (Add to Cart)

A mix of organic superfood for a week of morning juicing/smoothie:

- Mixed Kale 100g (Lacinato and curly kale)

- Watercress 100g

- Cucumber 250g

- Carrot 250g

- Tomatoes 200g

- Celery 100g

- Large Beetroot 400g

- Turmeric 50g

- Gotu Kola 100g

*Add more to this basket or buy a la carte vegetable, check out menus for other seasonal vegetable, homemade products, organic cashew and unsweetened coconut chips


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