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9 เม.ย. 2563

Farm to table

If you want to further minimise your stay at home by not leaving the house for even essentials, fear not. Along with the big boys like Tesco Lotus, Big C, Tops, 7-Eleven and others delivering to your door, there are a few who also deliver organic vegetables and fruits.


Organic food delivery in Bangkok and all Thailand via cooling truck, how Farmtastic describe themselves.

They sell an organic delivery set, which is a mix of organic vegetable from local farms for weekly consumption.

This CSA box includes mixed salads, mixed kale, cabbage, rocket, watercress, cucumber, tomatoes and eggs. Should this not be enough, you can add more or buy a la carte from their veggie, seasonal veggie and homemade products sections.

For those on a liquid diet, order the juicing set.

The set is a mix of organic superfood for a week like mixed kale, watercress, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes, celery, beetroots, turmeric and gotu kola or Indian pennyworth.

One can also add more to this like with the CSA box.

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