About Farmtastic

- Organic groceries from small local farms -

      Farmtastic was found as alternative market where small organic farmers make more. 

       We operate with the goal to bring more visibility of delicious organic fruit and vegetable and gives farmers no burden of commission and logistics fee.

       After all, we live in the country where agriculture is the main occupation, we should be able to enjoy them, and more importantly; enjoy them sustainably! 


Our Story

            The ugly truth inspires. In 2019, we were just consumers learning that one of the farm we buy from had to throw away nearly 200kg of organic beetroot and kale, not having enough market. At the same time, if you walk into any supermarket, the same product imported from other continent, and often not organic, will cost you 3-4 times the local small farmers are paid.

           Convenience has a high price, it is not affordable for the small farms to supply to convenient store. It cost 35-40% commission to display their products in supermarket, on top of the logistics fee and fine if there is supply shortage (which is considerably common in organically grown products).

           We want to build a place where farmers doesn't have to pay commission and logistics fee, to encourage small farms to keep growing organic food. 

           We accept pre orders to prevent food waste on the farm end and at our end too. Today, Farmtastic is a small operation that walks along the journey with small local farms, slowly and sustainably.

Our food and our farms